Waterwell are perhaps the only irrigation company in London and the South East to have genuinely committed to looking after our customers’ watering systems. It is not our style to just install a system and leave, we like to look after our systems not just for the first year, but for as long as the client wants us to.

Why do we do it? Because we recognise that a garden is a living thing that evolves and develops over time and for you to get the most from it, your irrigation system needs to evolve in harmony with the garden.

Our Services

At Waterwell we provide you with the choice of two service levels:

Standard Service

The Standard Service is our entry level service agreement and includes the following:

  • 2 visits per year, Spring and Autumn.
  • Up to £30 of materials per system.
  • No callout charge for extra visits leaving just the labour cost to pay at £50 per hour.

Premium Service

The Premium Service will give you peace of mind:

It includes the benefits of the standard service, together with…
  • Priority booking of maintenance and callout appointments.
  • Free parts and materials for the constant upgrade and renewal of your system.
  • We will replace parts and make improvements to your irrigation system year-in, year-out so that you can relax in the knowledge that your system is always in tip-top condition and that you won’t get any unexpected bills for failed pumps, controllers or anything else.
  • Even callouts for extra visits will be free of charge leaving only the £50 per hour for any labour used.

It's the technology that makes it work

The reality is that most companies see the maintenance of systems as something they would prefer not to offer; they’d rather install a system and then move on to the next one. Undeniably, the logistics of organising a biannual maintenance operation for over 500 customers in and around London is challenging, but we believe that having installed an irrigation system, we have a responsibility to keep it in tip-top condition thereafter, if that is what the customer wants.

We don’t just pay lip service to this either, we are wholly committed to trying to provide unparalleled service for our customers with trained, customer-focused engineers, timed appointments and “service with a smile”.

We achieve this by using up to date technology; our whole business system is “on the cloud” enabling our engineers to access all the customer's information, account status, system history, communication trail, images and appointment schedule via the iPads and iPhones they carry. This maximises the productivity of each engineer but, more importantly, it enables us to provide better customer service than anyone else in our industry.


I'm happy to provide this testimonial because your irrigation maintenance service gives me peace of mind. You turn up when you say you will, you keep the system working well and you're on the end of the phone if ever I need you.

Tank & pump system in Maida Vale

I've recommended Waterwell to a number of my friends because you do a great job and you're easy people to deal with.

Tap-based system in Wandsworth

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