Garden Lighting FAQS

If you have a few unanswered questions about garden lighting then hopefully we'll have covered them below.
If not, call us on 020 8742 8855 and we'll do everything we can to assist you.
Why do I need a specialist company?
Because you probably wouldn’t trust your local builder to fit something as important as your house security system, nor would you expect your gardener to carry out your tree surgery. Professional installations require the skills of a specialist company, a company that can fit the systems quickly, efficiently and provide great value for money.
How much do lighting systems cost?
There is no limit to how much you could spend on garden lighting, but there is a limit to how much most people want to spend. The design of a garden lighting system is entirely subjective; you can spend as much as you like. When we visit you to assess the garden we will discuss your budget, your wishes for the lighting and the different options available and we’ll ensure you get the best value for your money.
Are you qualified to connect my lighting to the mains?
Yes, Waterwell employs electricians who are qualified to carry out the work to the required standards. The electricians are also qualified to test electrical systems, fault find and resolve electrical issues. All outdoor electrical work now has to be certificated (by law) and it is essential that you only employ a qualified electrician for that purpose.
I am having my garden redesigned, how will this work?
We spend around 50% of our time working on gardens that are being built and so we are used to liaising with garden designers, architects and other trades. Waterwell are usually called in to provide expertise because landscapers do not necessarily have the right skills and experience at installing lighting systems. Waterwell can provide the advice, design skills, installation experience, the correct product, qualified electricians and ongoing maintenance.
Will you damage my existing garden when you install the system?
No. we have been installing lighting and irrigation systems in domestic gardens for over 20 years and we are used to it. We are able to dig trenches, run cable, fit junction boxes, transformers, lights etc without damaging your plants.
Will it be safe?
Yes, a Waterwell lighting system is always properly protected for the safety of your family. Waterwell employs qualified electricians to ensure the system is correctly wired back into the house.
Will it still be safe in the rain?
The product that Waterwell installs is designed for the job. It is waterproof, safe, high quality and robust. Unfortunately though, the downside of quality is cost; good quality components cost more money but they will last for years.

When you're getting quotes you'll probably find some companies will offer to install a very inexpensive systems but be warned, it is a false economy. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for and cheap lighting systems will fail and practice, we regularly get asked to upgrade systems, often no more than a year old, that have failed due to the use of inferior components.
Do you charge for your initial visit?
No, we are happy to come and meet you and look at your garden. We will discuss your requirements, measure your garden, take some photographs and then advise you about the options available. We then return to the office and prepare an estimate for the work involved. You only have to pay, if you have a system installed.
How will I switch it on and off?
There are lots of options for switching your garden lighting system including simple switches, dimmers, remote control or run the system via a house automation system. More commonly though, lighting systems are often operated via an app on your smartphone.
How long will my lighting system last?
Your lighting system should last indefinitely if a) you invest in the (admittedly dull) infrastructure i.e. quality cable, junction boxes & transformers that run around the perimeter of your garden b) you install good quality light fittings and c) you have the system checked and maintained periodically. Basically, you get what you pay for, if you invest in your lighting system at outset then you will have a quality lighting system that will last and provide you with pleasure for years to come.
How do I choose which light fittings to use?
There are a lot of light fittings on the market today, a lot of which look similar but vary enormously in price. The answer is that quality equals longevity – good quality fittings will last a lifetime, poor quality fittings may only last a matter of weeks or months. Once you have invested in the costs of a solid infrastructure, then spend as much as you are prepared to afford on each fitting. Remember, it makes more financial sense to have fewer good quality light fittings that many more poor fittings. If you are in any doubt, call us and we will help guide you.
Should I use LED lights or halogen?
Different lamps (bulbs) achieve different results, it is not a case of either/or it is much more about what is the best solution. Our role is to select the right lamp, for the right fitting to create the best effect for you. LED technology is now taking over from the traditional halogen fittings because they are cool to touch, they have extraordinary lamp life, they are now dimmable and you can even have colour change if you wish. There is still a place for halogen, particularly where a higher light output is required, so you can see it really is a case of making the right selection.
Do you guarantee your systems?
Yes, we pass on the manufacturers warrantees (usually 12 months) and we guarantee our workmanship for that period. We are an honest and reasonable company; we want our clients not only to be happy now, but to be happy for years to come so it is in our interests to do all we can for you.
Are there lots of regulations to worry about?
Clearly, with outdoor lighting, safety is paramount. At Waterwell we use qualified electricians, our engineers are trained to City and Guilds Level 2, 17th Edition and for Part P and we install top quality components and the best light fittings. Don’t skimp on safety, it doesn’t pay.

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