Irrigation Maintenance FAQS

If you have a few unanswered questions about the maintenance of your garden irrigation system
then hopefully we'll have covered them below.
If not, call us on 020 8742 8855 and we'll do everything we can to assist you.
Why do I need to maintain my irrigation system?
For two reasons; firstly, your garden is growing, developing and evolving, year-by-year and your watering system needs to develop alongside it. As the plants develop and mature, the system will need to be adjusted and tweaked to ensure it remains efficient and effective and secondly, you won’t need your irrigation system during the winter months so it should be decommissioned in the autumn to prevent frost damage.
Why should I use Waterwell?
Waterwell is one of the few remaining companies to provide continuous support and first-class maintenance for your garden irrigation system, not only for the first season, but for all subsequent ones. We don’t maintain our systems with reluctance; we maintain them because we want you to be delighted with your watering system and we maintain them because we like to come back and see your garden developing and growing, year after year.
What makes Waterwell service special?
Without wishing to sound clichéd, it is our people that make us special. Everyone at Waterwell likes people, they like gardens and they like making our customers happy – it really is as simple as that!
What makes Waterwell service different?
Running a service business in London is becoming increasingly difficult and for us to be able to provide the best service, we transformed Waterwell into a modern business. We moved the business “to the cloud” and so our Engineers have all the information they require on their iPads and iPhones and it all adds up to a faster, more efficient and more economical way to run a business.
Can I rely on Waterwell for my maintenance needs?
We’ve been in business since 1989 and our maintenance service is an essential part of that business. To ensure we can continue to provide an excellent service, we try to keep the number of maintenance contracts at around 500. Amongst them, we have customers that have been with us for over two decades and the reason for that is that our Maintenance Service provides complete peace of mind and ensures your system evolves as your garden grows.
What is a Maintenance Agreement?
The Waterwell Maintenance Agreement is an annually renewable contract for the upkeep of your automatic garden irrigation system, including two visits per year and the facility to call on us at any other time.
What is the difference between the Standard Service and the Premium Service?
The Standard Service includes 2 visits per year (Spring and Autumn) and up to £10 of materials per zone. There will be no callout charge for extra visits leaving just the labour costs to pay at £50 per hour.

The Premium Service also includes 2 visits per year together with priority booking of maintenance and callout appointments and FREE PARTS AND MATERIALS for the constant upgrade and renewal of your system. We will replace parts and make improvements to your irrigation system year-in, year-out so that you can relax in the knowledge that your system is always in tip-top condition and that your won’t get any unexpected bills for failed pumps, controllers or anything else. Even callouts for extra visits are FREE OF CHARGE leaving only the £50 per hour for any labour used.
You used to maintain my system but not for a while, can I have a Maintenance Agreement?
That’s no problem, we’ll come and see you and have a look at your garden. If the system is fine then we can provide you with a new Agreement and if it needs some remedial work then we can discuss that with you.
My system was fitted by another company, can I have a Maintenance Contract with Waterwell?
That depends upon how well the system was fitted, how old it is, what condition it is in and when it was last maintained. In practice, we’d come and meet you, look at the system and recommend a course of action to give you best value for money.
Can I just call you if I have a problem?
If you're one of our maintenance customers then yes, of course you can, we’re here to help and being London based, you will find that we can respond quickly. Also, whenever possible, we try to send the same engineer to your property each time, that way you are able to get to know your Engineer and they can get to know your garden.
Will you let me down?
We can’t guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong but we can guarantee that we will do our best to avoid anything going wrong in the first place and if something does go wrong, we’ll put it right for you. We want you to be delighted with our service so we’ll do everything we can to help.

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