Garden Irrigation FAQs

If you have a few unanswered questions about your watering system then hopefully we'll have covered them below.
If not, call us on 020 8742 8855 and we'll do everything we can to assist you.
Why should I use Waterwell?
Waterwell has been at the forefront of domestic gardens in the UK for over 25 years and has developed long-standing relationships with clients, designers and architects.

We are, first and foremost, a service business with your interests at heart. We also come from a horticultural background and so we care about and understand your garden and we offer a complete package; design, installation & aftercare.
How much do irrigation systems cost?
That depends upon the type and size of garden that you have. Waterwell can provide an automatic irrigation system to cover anything; a single window box (£200-£300), a small courtyard garden (£500-£1,500), family garden with lawn (£2,000-£10,000) and large country gardens (£10,000-£50,000+)
Can you design a system especially for my garden?
Yes, all gardens are different and the requirements of the plants (and clients) vary. Every Waterwell irrigation system is bespoke and unique to that garden and is designed to evolve and develop, over the years, with the garden; we still maintain systems for our clients that we installed almost 20 years ago.
Will you damage my existing garden when you install the system?
No. we have been installing irrigation systems in domestic gardens for many years and we are used to it. We are able to dig trenches, run pipework, fit sprinklers and test systems without damaging your plants. For lawn areas (where we have to trench) the turf is lifted and re-laid as quickly as possible and (with the benefit of the irrigation system) any visual sign of disturbance is gone in a matter of weeks.
I am having my garden redesigned, how will this work?
We spend around 50% of our time working on gardens that are being newly built and so we are used to liaising with garden designers, architects and other trades. Waterwell are usually called in to provide expertise because landscaper contractors do not necessarily have the right skills and experience at installing irrigation systems. Waterwell can provide the advice, design skills, installation experience, the correct product, qualified electricians and importantly, ongoing maintenance.
How do I look after my irrigation system?
Irrigation systems do require some regular maintenance. In the spring, the system needs to be set up for the growing season; controllers need to be set, batteries changed, filters cleaned, sprinklers adjusted etc and then, in the winter; the system needs to be decommissioned to prevent frost damage. You can either do this yourself or sign up to the Waterwell Maintenance Agreement.
Do you charge for your initial visit?
No, we are happy to come and meet you and look at your garden. We will discuss your requirements, measure your garden, take some photographs and then advise you about the options available. We then return to the office and prepare an estimate for the work involved. You only have to pay, if you have a system installed.
Do you guarantee your systems?
Yes, we pass on the manufacturers warrantees (usually 12 months) and we guarantee our workmanship for that period. We are an honest and reasonable company; we want our clients not only to be happy now, but to be happy for years to come so it is in our interests to do all we can to provide customer satisfaction.
Will my water bills increase?
Waterwell automatic irrigation system uses water efficiently by providing exactly the right amount of water, where and when it is required. The water is also applied at night (when evaporation is at its lowest) and is therefore, the most efficient method for applying water to the garden.

A properly installed irrigation system is even more efficient that hand watering.
How can I use water more efficiently?
Use good horticultural husbandry; choose the correct plants for your garden, make sure the plants are healthy, prepare the soil properly, add organic matter, apply the correct amount of water and then mulch the soil. Lastly, ensure the watering regime develops with the garden i.e. as the new plants become established, apply less water.

Can I save rainwater?
Yes, Waterwell have been installing rainwater harvesting systems for many years. Your rainwater downpipes would be redirected to an underground water storage tank that would include a filter, pump and usually a mains-water top up. Alternatively, the rainwater can be gathered in a small, buried sump containing a pump that redirects the water to an over-ground water storage tank. From there, with either system, your [free] water can be used to irrigate the garden.
What about the water from my bath, shower, kitchen sink and toilet?
Firstly, toilet water must NEVER be used in a garden, under any circumstances. With regard to water from showers, baths and sinks we have concluded that its re-use is not advisable on a domestic scale because the dirty water contains harmful bacteria that are then applied to the garden where people socialise. On a larger scale e.g. blocks of flats or offices, greywater re-use is more appropriate where the cost of a treatment system becomes more viable.
Are there lots of regulations to worry about?
There are some regulations that are in place to protect your health. Simple, tap-based irrigation systems require the installation of a double-check valve and stop valve. Buried systems (pop-up systems for lawns) require the installation of a break tank and pump. This does add to the cost, but it is essential and you should not have a pop-up sprinkler system installed that runs directly from a tap.

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